West Park Savannah

Reading Issue 66 (February 2013) of The Westerly – a fantastic regional publication I might add – I was delighted to find an article on something I overlooked in last month’s daily newspapers. What is the something you might ask? Read the title of this post. The West Park Savannah.

What is the West Park Savannah? Well, it is the proposed name for a green space to be established opposite Westmall. You might know it as that big patch of bush covered land recently bulldozed during feuds between the Port-of-Spain City Corporation and the Water and Sewage Authority (WASA). Both sides were claiming ownership of the land and it is with much pleasure that I learn the High Court has ruled in favor of the City Corporation.

Wait, wait wait wait WAIT! Didn’t the City Corp want to put up a school and town center and possibly housing on that land? That’s what was originally circulating but it seems the West’s cries for it to be made into a park have been heard. I have never been a big fan of Port-of-Spain Mayor Louis Lee Sing (a well intentioned but somewhat draconian fellow in my opinion) but I am 100% in agreement with his position that there has been insufficient attention given to the creation of green spaces.

The land in question is now proposed to include park benches, a children’s playground and a walking track, with the West Park Savannah being the expected name of the venue. It really is a representation of poor planning that we do not have more such green spaces in the crowded west but this is a real step forward. It is sure to improve the quality of life for not just the neighboring communities of Westmoorings and Victoria Gardens but in fact the entire Diego Martin valley whose residents pass the very same space on their daily commute.

You can see the site in my Google Earth screenshot below to get a feel for the scale and location of the land in question. It is bordered by Victoria Gardens to the north, the Western Main Road to the south, the Diego Martin river to the west and the Diego Martin Main Road to the east.

Site of the West Park Savannah

Site of the West Park Savannah (click to enlarge)

This project is a welcome change to the continued urban clutter so I look forward to the City Corporation getting it opened soon. Together with the long overdue Diego Martin Highway extension project, I actually feel like my part of the country is getting some attention. Good job! Now if something can only be done about that poor old overloaded power grid…


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